Support Process

We are always working hard to resolve issues before they can cause problems for you, and proactively manage your IT so that things run as smoothly as possible, but occasionally incidents will arise that require our support to resolve. Have no fear, we are always waiting at the gate, ready to take the necessary actions and steps to get you back ON track.

Innovative tools and solutions aren’t enough. You need reliable support to make sure you are using technology to your advantage. Contact us at (865) 309-4343 or to hear more.

To start the support process simply email us at and the ticketing process will be initiated. Once the process is started here’s what you can expect:

  1. Automatic Acknowledgement – After emailing our support team you will receive automatic acknowledgment that your request has been received, and the wheels are in motion.
  2. Service Ticket Creation – A new service ticket is generated with an individual ticket number that can be used to track your ticket’s progress all the way through to resolutions, via our customer portal.
  3. Ticket Processing – Once the ticket has been created it is then processed and evaluated so it can be assigned to the best possible resource to handle the job.
  4. Email Response – An email will be received directly from the person or resource responsible for resolving your request. This will notify you that work has begun on your request and a follow-up call may follow to collect more information.
  5. Automatic Updates – The system keeps you in the loop as the process of resolution continues. You will receive automatic updates on the progress or status of your issue all the way through to final resolution.

Not only have we established an easy and informative way to get the help you need when a problem occurs, but we are committed to getting you the resolution you need as quickly as possible so business can resume as usual. We promise a 4 hour response time for our clients, but the truth is we are often able to get on the case much quicker.

*A note to all of our current valued clients. Please keep in mind that in order to contact us for support please use Option 1 at our phone prompts or e-mail our support desk directly. Option 2 on our phone prompts is reserved as a sales line. This helps us better service your needs and prioritize your concerns.

For fast and effective solutions to the problems that threaten your productivity reach out the experts at Solomon IT Consulting. Give us a call at (865) 309-4343 or send us an email at to learn about how we provide the services and support you can rely on.

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