I Am Responsible For Our Company’s Technology And I Need Some Help.

Sometimes your internal IT team needs some help and support getting the results you need to succeed. Solomon IT Consulting can help!

Even the most skilled and qualified of IT personnel needs assistance from time to time managing day-to-day tasks or undertaking a special project that requires resources and skillsets that may not be available in-house. Solomon IT Consulting is able to support you in these needs, supporting any existing IT professionals in accomplishing technology-related goals.

We are here for you, filling in the gaps to ensure you entire IT infrastructure is performing well and working at its full potential. Solomon IT Consulting supports you, providing customized services that fill in the blanks where needed so you are only paying for the services and support you need, and not the ones you don’t.

Don’t struggle to manage and maintain your technology alone. Solomon IT Consulting provides supplementary services and solutions that make certain you have the tools and resources you need to thrive without stepping on the toes of your existing IT team. Contact us at (865) 309-4343 or solomon@solomonitc.com to hear more.

Many people think that because they have in-house IT support they cannot benefit from a managed service provider. This is not the case with Solomon IT Consulting. We can enhance and support your existing team to improve the way you operate and supplement the skills and resources that are currently lacking. You benefit from:

  • Strategic Planning and Guidance – we can help you strategically plan your technology roadmap, determining what tools and solutions best meet your needs now, and what you will need in the future. We support you IT team in making wise technology-related decisions and using your technology to its full advantage.
  • A Wide Range of Expertise – there is no doubt you are good at what you do, but sometimes out of the norm issues or special tasks arise that require experience and expertise beyond your own. When that happens we are available to step in and handle things, allowing you to focus on what you are best at.
  • Special Project Work – new deployments, implementing new solutions, and undertaking large special projects sometimes falls beyond the scope of the typical IT person. We can assist with a wide range of special projects, including data cabling, new hardware and software installations and other one-time projects that may require addition support.
  • Our Extensive Experience – we are not new to the game of IT services and support. You benefit from our experience, helping you broaden your horizons and allowing you to take advantage of the most innovative and effective tools the industry has to offer. Enhance the skills and talents of your existing IT team by allowing us to fill in the gaps.
  • A Dependable Partnership – we don’t move in and take over. We work with you, augmenting the services and solutions you have in place and allowing you to reach your full potential with Solomon IT Consulting supporting you every step of the way.

Being responsible for a company’s IT can be overwhelming and daunting, but when you have customizable services and support provided by Solomon IT Consulting you are able to enhance operations, increase productivity, and work better than ever before.

Having an in-house IT professional is a great asset, but sometimes extra help is needed. Solomon IT Consulting can give you that help and ensure you maintain your competitive advantage. Call us at (865) 309-4343 or send an email to solomon@solomonitc.com to talk to us about how we can enhance the work you are already doing.

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