Mobile Management

Mobility is critical to maximizing productivity and ensuring you are working as effectively as possible.

In today’s fast-paced business environment we often find ourselves out of the office and on the go, however still needing to be able to communicate with home base and have access to all of your business-critical information and applications, wherever you may be, and on any device you may be using.

Smartphones, laptops, and other mobile devices have become more than just commonplace in the working world today, they have become essential. From accessing contact information and calendars to onboarding new clients on the spot, mobile devices can improve the way you work. However, without proper management of your mobile devices, you could be putting your data and resources at risk of loss or theft.

Solomon IT Consulting can help you manage your mobility to ensure it is working effectively for you and protected by the necessary security. Contact Solomon IT Consulting today at (865) 309-4343 or to hear more.

In order to use mobile computing and mobile devices to your full advantage, there needs to be complete management of the network and the associated devices. Solomon IT Consulting can provide the oversight and management that is necessary to keep thing secure and running smoothly. Our mobile management services include:

  • Distribution and management of company approved applications.
  • The ability to track, locate, lock, and wipe lost of stolen devices.
  • Management of over-the-air configuration of email, calendar, contacts, WIFI, and VPN profiles.
  • Selectively wipe corporate data leaving personal information intact.

The right mobile solutions have a considerable impact on your businesses. Our mobile management solutions can help by:

  • Allowing you to interact with clients regardless of location.
  • Enable sales teams to conduct business in the office or out in the field.
  • Enhance communications with employees by allowing for real-time communication and collaboration from the field.
  • Order products and supplies, interact with clients, correspond with vendors easily and confidently even when out of the office.
  • Enable remote employees and branch offices to connect with home base and have access to business-critical resources.

Solomon IT Consulting provides the mobile management services you need to accommodate your busy team, inside and outside of the office. We can help you manage the business critical information and application needed to accommodate the fast-moving, on-the-go world you live and work in.

Get the mobile management you need to enhance your operations and broaden your horizons, being able to take your work with you. Contact us today by calling (865) 309-4343 or sending an email to

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