Managed Services Program

Everybody is looking for the same things out of an IT provider, dependable services, reliable support, and to be able to use your technology to improve what you do. Easy right? Well, it is at least when you have Solomon IT Consulting as your IT partner, providing you a range of managed services to take the worry out of technology.

We are committed to providing you the services and solutions you need, with managed service offerings that are completely custom fit for your unique needs and requirements. Our personalized approach to managed services means that you aren’t stuck with cookie-cutter solutions that don’t work to your true advantage.

Align yourself with an IT provider that is focused on taking care of YOU, not just your technology. Solomon IT Consulting provides the knowledge and experience to make a positive difference in the work you do. Contact us at (865) 309-4343 or

When you work with Solomon IT Consulting as your managed services provider you benefit in a number of ways, including:

  • Increased productivity as a result of industry-leading solutions.
  • Dependable support that is fast responding and easy to access.
  • Comprehensive security solutions to ensure your business critical information is well protected, and risks and threats are minimized.
  • Fully managed solutions so you can operate at your full potential and get the most out of your IT investments.
  • Peace of mind knowing your IT is being handled by the pros.

We are different from other IT people because we do things differently. We want to help YOU get the most out of technology, and in order to do that we provide the customized and flexible solutions, you need to serve you best. We custom build your service agreement to fit your needs, with our flexible offerings. Your services can look however you need them to while still providing the fully managed solutions you require, including:

  • Dependable Backup and Recovery Solutions – never be without your important information and applications. We provide completely managed backup and recovery solutions to keep you operating at your full potential all of the time and ensure you never fall victim to information loss or theft.
  • Comprehensive Security – we take care of every aspect of your IT and cyber security. With our innovative tools and solutions, we are able to carefully monitor your entire infrastructure, addressing concerns and resolving potential issues before they are able to affect you.
  • Cloud Offerings – we help you harness the power of the cloud to your true advantage, with a wide range of cloud-based computing offerings such as Microsoft Office 365 and dependable backup and storage options. The cloud takes business IT to a whole new level and you need to be a part of it.
  • Expert Guidance and Advice – there is never a fear of the unknown with us as your IT partner. We provide all f the education and information required to make well-informed technology decisions and help to plan your technology roadmap so you know what to expect in the future.
  • Reliable Support – as well as guiding you through technology solutions, we provide the all- around support you need to ensure you are using your tools to their full capabilities and that when issues do arise they are resolved quickly and efficiently so you are not held back.

We know that your services shouldn’t look the same as anyone else’s because no two businesses are the same. Solomon IT Consulting provides customized services and solutions that allow you to reach your full potential. Reach out to us by calling (865) 309-4343 or sending an email to to hear more.

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