Solomon IT Consulting promptly delivers Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation extensive IT infrastructure and system

iacmiWhen Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation had to swiftly put in place an IT structure and network for their company, they reached out to Solomon IT Consulting. Solomon IT quickly and efficiently provided them with the comprehensive technology and continued support they required.

Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation is a Tennessee based manufacturing and research company solely funded by the Department of Energy. As a brand new start-up, they needed to go from a vision to a full blown company within weeks and build up every resource including IT. IACMI’s Renae Speck notes “We knew we needed the basics – software, security, email.”

Speck says “We didn’t have a lot of money for personnel to choose the right person with the right skill set, so we decided pretty quickly that hiring in-house was not the best initial option for us.” Speck explains “You get somebody who just knows software, somebody who knows the hardware, somebody who updates the server. We’re in a special situation in a special building. We needed somebody very skilled.” Connecting with a local organization was also very important to IACMI.

After eliminating other options, such as placement agencies, IACMI approached Solomon IT. Solomon IT met with IACMI to discuss their services.  They provided IACMI with honest communication, solutions and good pricing. Solomon IT’s amazing experience sealed the deal for them. Speck comments “We felt as though we would get the individualized attention that we wanted.” 

The Situation: A need for a completely new and effective IT system and network

Solomon IT gave IACMI a bid for fifteen laptops with dual monitors and docking station, servers, as well as backup and disaster recovery plan. Solomon IT had the ability to promptly take IACMI from three personal workstations to an entire company complete with servers and hardware. From the point of approval to install date, Solomon IT took a total of three weeks to order, ship, stage and install all equipment, create e-mail accounts with their domain name and place it in a secured office building. Solomon IT also set up IACMI’s Domain and Group Policy management with folder redirection. They supplied Dell hardware, Lexmark printers, and Office 365 for IACMI’s e-mail.

The Solution: Relying on Solomon IT for technical expertise and all-inclusive support 

IACMI can call any time with a question or issue and Solomon IT delivers solutions. In addition, Solomon IT extends mobile phone support for business development and e-mail assistance. After choosing Solomon IT, IACMI could not be happier. Speck states “Solomon IT are a one-stop shop for us at this point.” Solomon IT continues a great relationship with IACMI, providing them with Total Managed Services such as:

  • Reliable Support – Solomon IT offers workstation and server support that is fast responding and easy to access, including on-site service at no extra fee.
  • Comprehensive Security – Solomon IT takes care of every aspect of their client’s IT and cyber security with their innovative tools and solutions.
  • Dependable Backup and Recovery Solutions – Solomon IT ensures their clients are never without their important information and applications.

IACMI recommends Solomon IT for their customer service and great response time

As a start-up company, IACMI must move quickly to address any IT issues that may arise. Speck maintains “When we have an IT issue, we call Solomon IT and they’re immediately on our computers fixing it or they’ll be out very quickly to fix it if they have to come out. We’ve been very pleased with their service and their capabilities.” According to Speck, teaming with Solomon IT is a no brainer. “We’re getting good service and we’re getting what we want, so we are happy with the relationship in terms of service and price.” With Solomon IT’s service also comes peace of mind. “I think where we are as a company, Solomon IT is absolutely the right solution for us.”

Solomon IT Consulting is always committed to providing the best possible customer experience. Solomon IT listens first, taking the time to know their clients and understand their unique needs and requirements. Give Solomon IT a call today at (865) 309-4343 or send us an email at to hear more about what we can do for you.

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