IT Security Service

Inadequate security practices and protocols can have devastating effects on your operations.

There are too many risk factors in today’s world of sophisticated technology, and just as many sophisticated cyber criminals. Solomon IT Consulting offers IT and cyber security that ensures your important data and resources are well protected, and it’s business as usual where you are concerned.

While the threat of an attack will always be a present concern, with the right safeguards and security measures in place you gain peace of mind knowing you are protected, and that we are on the job, implementing, maintaining, and monitoring to keep you safe.

Are you giving IT and cyber security the attention it deserves? Solomon IT Consulting will help you keep your business-critical information secure. Call us at (865) 309-4343 or send an email to to hear more.

We offer Managed Network Security Services through WatchGuard firewalls, with service level options designed to fit your individual needs. The basic plan includes:

  • Initial firewall setup.
  • Policy Management.
  • Firewall quality of service awareness with load monitoring.
  • Live log review as needed.

The advanced version also includes:

  • Off-site log retention through our Dynamics server.

Daily or weekly firewall log analysis is available as an add-on, should it be desired.

Security Review Services

Solomon IT Consulting understands the importance of security, and knows that simply implementing the tools is not enough. Our security review services make sure a close eye is kept on your security, and while nothing is ever guaranteed in the world of IT and cyber security, we are able to help make sure you’re covered and the appropriate measures are being taken. We provide:

  • An annual seminar for employees regarding their role in the security of the company; both digitally and physically.
  • Annual Security profiling of their data
  • Annual Security profiling of their physical security

Email security is an important component of your overall security, many risks are associated with unprotected email. To ensure this isn’t a problem for you we, provide SIT-SPAM, which includes email security filtering, and spam protection. SIT-SPAM add-ons include:

  • Archiving (up to 30 days)
  • Email encryption

Risks and threats may always be present when doing business on the internet, however, it doesn’t mean you have to worry. Having the proper security in place can ensure all of your important information, applications, and resources are well protected. Nobody can ever be certain they wont fall victim to a cyber attack or information theft, but taking the right steps to minimize these risks goes a long way.

For IT and cyber security that makes a difference reach out to Solomon IT Consulting at (865) 309-4343 or Our team can help you make sure you have the appropriate security in place and risks and potential threats are minimized.

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